Relais Vittoria - Nerano


Nerano and the Amalfi Coast's beaches

Nerano is one of Amalfi Coast’s most noteworthy tourist destinations. Its fame is attributed to the beauty of its sea beds, to its alluring underwater caves and to its typical regional cusine ready to be savoured in one of the many resturants located along the cliff face.

Nerano is the ideal starting point to visit the surrounding beaches, known as the most beautiful beaches in the Sorrento and Amalfi region.

The abundance of available activities is more than ample for those who choose Nerano as their holiday destination: from boat excursions along the coast line, to fishing expeditions, to diving and trecking.

Nerano is a well equipped centre distanced 8 km from Massa Lubrense, 13km from Sorrento an 24 km from Positano, where you will find readily available parking, restaurants and a minimarket.

Below, some of the beaches you will find nearby the bed and breakfast:

Marina del Cantone

Nerano’s Bay is composed of diverse beaches, all formed of pebbles, clear water and sea beds that render an ideal swim and dive.

All the beaches are equiped with seaside establishments and restaurants to spend a relaxing day.


This beach is a nook of paradise and is composed of sand, white pebbles and crystal clear waters.

The bay offers a spectacular view of the Faraglioni of Capri and is in reach of a senic path that commences in the town of Nerano.


This beach leads to a characteristic panoramic path where you are able to enjoy a pleasant walk of about 10 minutes. This path commences at the right hand corner of Cantone Beach.

The beach is equiped with seaside establishments and is constituted prevailently from pebbles.


The bay of Crapolla is a natural fiord, comfortably accessible by sea from Nerano or by walking a path that departs from the town of Sant’Agata on the two Gulfs.

Its beauty is attributed to its clear water and to historic Christian Art, relics and remains of the Roman civilization that at one time lived in this area.

Recommone Bay
Nerano bay